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Before I die I want to...

I thought this was a very inspiring talk. I think the responses that the artist was able to elicit brought forth both the humor and drama of the human experience. I thought maybe we could continue what Candy Chang started.

So please, how would you finish this sentence:

Before I die I want to...


Closing Statement from Linda Taylor

Thank you all for sharing your goals and dreams. May you all be blessed with their achievement.

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    Dec 2 2012: change the world. By spreading my way of life and thinking.
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      Dec 2 2012: Could you explain a little about your way of life and thinking?
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        Dec 11 2012: I created, 20 years ago, a way of thinking that is universal and sustainable.

        It's a mix of logic, common sense, zen Buddhism, General Semantic (the plural logic system from Alfred Korzibski) and universal spirituality (what most main religions have in common).

        Keeping in mind that the word and meaning of God(s) was created by humans, for humans. I only redefined it to be more contemporary and logical. So, I redefined my definition of "God" to remove references to omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and third party.

        That's the high level frame.

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