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What are the primary responsibilities of parents and school? What are that of student?

Parents and schools are primary responsible to develop and evolve a child. But many times they shift their responsibility to each other, starts is a blame game. What do you feel is major task or responsibility of each?

How do you see the child responsible in all?


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  • Dec 4 2012: I think the three objects have own responsibilities respectively.

    First of all, the family should inculcate proper and healthy values in children and lead them to act morally and ethically. Children are prepared to face a variety of problems through the step.

    Next, the parents can send their children to school and make them to learn a lot of things, such as the class on curriculum or relationship with friends and teachers.

    There is a limit to the degree of school's achievement that we can expect. So it is wise for parents not to ask for school too much.

    Lastly, children were obliged to obey parents in my opinion, because parents think and behave for their children and their best convenience.

    I appreciate this chance to participate in. I hope I didn't offend you:)

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