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What are the primary responsibilities of parents and school? What are that of student?

Parents and schools are primary responsible to develop and evolve a child. But many times they shift their responsibility to each other, starts is a blame game. What do you feel is major task or responsibility of each?

How do you see the child responsible in all?


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    Dec 1 2012: if we let parents choose schools, the problem is pretty much solved, isn't it?
    • Dec 3 2012: choosing a school in itself is becoming a big challenge for parents. The understanding on right balance of education, faculty, vision of school management, infrastructure, pass results, other curriculum and many more things and above all their own academic education...
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        Dec 3 2012: and your point being ...? a lot of things are not easy in life. you decide to accept a job offer at the opposite corner of the country. you decide to choose one university faculty over another. you marry a woman who later might turn out not the right choice. you choose a doctor to treat your serious illness.

        btw this is perfectly irrelevant to the discussion you have just opened. the task was the distribution of responsibility between teacher and parent. free choice of school solves it in an instant.
        • Dec 3 2012: thanks Krisztian for your reply again...when we move into the different socieities, we find that to choose the schools doesn't remain an easy task for parents...they felt confused i that...many schools that apparent look good behaves differently with the passage of time...its not about one or two years, parents plan it for a long time, if possible than for about matriculation minimum...

          I agree to your point that choosing school can resolve a lot but...what responsibilities a school and share mutually? which are the sole responsibility of either of both?

          I am opening it relevantly for those who are not capable to decide. I take parenting as a trainer and facilitator and many parents have such a kind of experiences.
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        Dec 3 2012: i find it disturbing and outrageous that a parent would be simply unable to choose school for his children. such persons should never have children in the first place. but if they decided to have, man up, and start researching the issue right now.

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