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Who's wrong?The translator,the reviewer or both?

Supposingly you watch a TEDtalk and you find mistake(s) in your language subtitles.If you could only contact either the translator or the reviewer (not both),who would it be and why?
In other words,who do you think has the main responsibility for the subs and why?

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    Dec 1 2012: i think reviewing can be considered an inferior, less taxing job. nobody takes it as seriously as the translation itself. when i reviewed translations, i only looked for obvious grammatical errors, mistranslations, typos and such things. i never went to do the research part of the job, and just trusted the translator with that. i also didn't fix the style and the wording unless it was definitely inappropriate. it is his work, i'm just approving it. so i believe in this asymmetrical relationship between translator and reviewer, the former being the true author of the translation, the latter just acts as a form of balance. for that reason, i would always blame the translator.
  • Dec 1 2012: I have always wondered about this Mohammed or one of his disciples had an interesting solution - Don't translate
    Of ourse, that's not always practical.
  • Dec 3 2012: The main responsibility lies with the translator. However, as a writer, not even a translator, I can honestly say that sometimes the editing of the work/transcription can get a bit wonky too. Nothing against the translators or reviewers though. Mistakes will be made and sometimes things just don't translate well.