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What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?

There are a lot social issues, but which ones are the most un-talked about and important?


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  • Dec 9 2012: We westerners have had a pretty civilised life for over a hundred years, mainly because of cheap energy, from first coal and then oil. Now the rest of the world wants to share it, just as the cheap stuff runs out. But due mostly defects in our educational system, the main efforts to deal with this are misdirected. Most of the money spent on "Green energy " is either an outright scam, or else inadequate, such as windmills and solar power. By that I mean that even if the wildest dreams of "sustainables" are carried out, it will not enable a life on a level higher than the classical Amish have. (Speaking strictly about "stuff" of course, which corresponds to "civillised life", i.e. surpluses which enable leisure, "useless" activiites such as Art, Culture, Education, Travel, and Fun. We can survive on windmills and solar panels, but it won't be fun )Luckily, a solution is in the cards, if we choose to play them. A Cold War secret nuclear aircraft engine was invented and demonstrated 50 years ago, then forgotten for dubious reasons. This alternative type of nuclear fission does not have solid fuel rods, water, steam, high pressure, or unmanageable radioactive wastes. It is referred to as Thorium Liquid Fueled reactor (LFTR). The Manhattan Project geniuses who dreamed this up, and made it work, preferred it greatly to the Fukushima type Uranium reactors which are so troublesome. Alvin Weinberg, Edward Teller , and others explained what was wrong with Uranium reactors, but they were pretty much ignored, at the time. In 2012, we had better take up these questions again. Thorium has a million times the "Energy Density" of coal or oil. And this type of reactor is potentially cheaper than coal. So this needs to be "talked about". One pothole in the discussion : it is possible to use Thorium in a Fukushima type reactor, but it isn't very satisfactory , for the usual reasons. The elephant in the rooms is that with Uranium, you can make bombs.

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