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What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?

There are a lot social issues, but which ones are the most un-talked about and important?


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  • Dec 7 2012: What are the issues most UN-Talked about:
    1) Aging population and explosive, untenable health care costs and provision: We MUST MUST MUST, change the nature of the conversation from preserving life at All costs, to one of quality of life and conversations about the End-of-Life. We need to facilitate Advance Directives by tying them to applying for Medicare and/or having primary care doctors initiate this important conversation. Life and death is a "conversation" according to Frances Norwood who stuided euthansia in the Netherlands. There, the practice does NOT increase the incidence of physician assisted suicide, but it DOES promote these dificult conversations (see The Maintenance of Life: Preventing Social Death Through Euthanasia Talk and End-of-Life Care - Lessons from the Netherlands by Frances Norwood (Aug 15, 2009)

    2) What will the Jobs be for our Children in a HIGH Tech world?

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