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What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?

There are a lot social issues, but which ones are the most un-talked about and important?


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    Dec 2 2012: Here's my list of social issues I wish were discussed more:

    * How do we inject morality into a corporate America that is amoral and driven by profits?
    * How do we remove the influence of money in American politics, which was recently granted by the Supreme Court (i.e. reverse that horrible Citizens United decision).
    * What do we do if a person is sick and dying and doesn't have insurance and can't pay for the medical care, regardless of any other factors? Do we always care for them as best we can, or do we just let them suffer and die? Who pays for that cost? What do we do about starving people - do we just let them starve and die or do we always give them food? Is there a safety net to catch people, not matter what, or do we say "tough luck, go ahead and die?"
    * How do we keep ourselves safe from so-called "terrorists" without giving up our privacy?
    * How do we resolve this remarkable divide that is growing between supporters of "intelligent design" and science?
    * Our country was founded on slave labor and then we (Europeans) nearly wiped out the native Americans that were living here first as we stole their land. Today, blacks and native Americans are still at a significant disadvantage with respect to other groups of people. Will this racial disparity ever fade?
    * How do we repair this huge republican vs. democratic war that is tearing our country apart and move forward together as a nation?
    * How do we support our elders after social security runs out?
    * How do we stop this horrendous war on drugs that has destroyed so many lives?
    * How do we stop spending trillions of dollars fighting wars killing so many people?
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      Dec 3 2012: OH my goodness.....is that all??? :>)
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        Dec 3 2012: Well, I could have added:

        * Should it be the goal of the all the people of this planet to eliminate all nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction?

        * How do we redesign our cities, suburbs, business, transportation, power, water, manufacturing, and food distribution to be much more "local", leading to much greater resiliency and efficiency?

        * Let's address the abortion issue from a realistic perspective. Clearly a sperm cell is not life, nor is an ovum (although there are those who consider masterbation a sin, but I degress). But if the two touch, some would consider that sacred life and the intentional destruction of those two cells as one is now tantamount to first degree murder. I personally disagree with that viewpoint, but clearly, somewhere between that moment, and the moment that the baby is born, there is a life which is sacred, and the intentional destruction of which should be considered murder. How do we all resolve at what point that happens?

        And I could go on...
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          Dec 3 2012: I think we can ALL work toward some of these goals, and when we look at facing everything all at once, it sometimes seems overwhelming, and it tends to immobilize people.....don't you think?

          I believe the answers lie in each and every one of us knowing what our talents and skills are, what our time committments are, and what we may be able to contribute to some of the solutions.

          For example, at various times in my life I have volunteered with the dept. of corrections, women and children shelter, a terminal care facility, united way, etc. etc. These positions obviously helped support people.

          At other times, and at the present, I serve on local and regional development review boards, the state economic development commi, transportation advisory committee, etc. These boards and committees work to improve our development practices, design our communities, support businesses and encourage public transportation with consideration to our environment.

          At different times in our lives, we all have the opportunity to contribute to our world in various ways....so......let's do it!
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      Dec 3 2012: I'm writing a paper due tomorrow on intelligent design vs. evolution :) I would be happy to hear your thoughts on that matter/science. I'm arguing the fact that not only is Intel. Design real, science is beginning to prove it, and scientists like Einstien used/use their work specifically for that task of proving it. (no offense to anyone)
      Also, on terrorism and the war on drugs:
      They're both hoaxes. They say a plane crashed the Twin towers. But they fell straight down, and with suc order, that the plane, if it was the plane, couldn't have been able to do it. And the war on drugs is a stupid waste of time. And a lie. people are losing there lives for a lie. You these problems fixed? Tell the Gov. to stop lying to us. just my personal opinion tho....
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        Dec 3 2012: you seem to understand the lesson that not everything what others say is to be believed. alas, you picked many minority lies over majority truths. two out of the listed three. not a good ratio.
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          Dec 3 2012: Yes, I did pick minority issuse, mostly because I either agreed, or didn't feel like talking about it. lol, I was being lazy ^.^
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        Dec 3 2012: you have missed the point entirely. the problem is exactly that you agreed to those. for example intelligent design is crackpottery. if you believe anything they say, you either failed to check the opposing side in necessary depth, or you have a preconception that prevents you assimilating differing views.
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          Dec 3 2012: Preconception, personal experience... I deff. have checked the other side in depth. Trust me on that one. But if you could please not tell me that it's crazy, because I happen to have a very strong belief, and it kind'uv upsets me when people say things like that. Not saying you can't disagree, or say that you think it's crazy, just don't outright call it crazy. Please and thank you :)
          (honestly, we can talk about whatever. Just respect my views as I respect yours..)
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          Dec 4 2012: Krisztián,
          Based on what I observe on this thread, the facilitator of this discussion (Curious AboutLife), is not missing the points of the topics presented here. If you believe that intelligent design is crackpottery, write about your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and opinions about that with respect.....please and thank you:>)
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        Dec 3 2012: no you did not check the other side in depth. and no, i will never restrain myself from calling crackpot theories crackpot theories. it will help nobody. let me tell you, i don't care where you end up. i'm not that much of a social person. but in order to sleep well, i need to at least tell you: you are on the wrong track. i have told you. now nobody can blame me. i sleep well.
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          Dec 3 2012: Actually, I did. And you obviously aren't a very social person, because if you were, you would know how to be polite and have a controlled, civilized conversation like an adult. And you would have manners, like an adult. And would now how to respect people, like an adult would. So at least now, you have an excuse, because you are not social. -_- And in order for me to sleep well, I need to at least, with my soul-saving self, tell you: are on the wrong track. I have told you. Now God can't blame me. I sleep well.
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          Dec 4 2012: Krisztián,
          Curious AboutLife may be on the "wrong track" in YOUR perception. You don't need to keep telling her she is wrong.....it would be much more beneficial for you to offer some information regarding your different perception. I KNOW that you are a very intelligent and creative fellow and can do that well.....IF.....you try:>)
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        Dec 4 2012: no you did not. if you insist, let's check it. tell me any argument on the side of intelligent design that is not answered in detail. if i can find the answer, i win. if i can't, you win. let's the bet be a mere $50.
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          Dec 4 2012: Krisztian, I've noticed you never ask any questions on TED. Is that because you have all the answers to everything that everybody else questions about life?
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          Dec 4 2012: No. I will not. One, I don't have money, and two, there is not need to bet. I told you that I have looked at the other side in depth, and yet I still choose "the wrong track". Because I have looked at both sides. Maybe you don't believe because you don't allow yourself to. But how 'bout this. Tell me something that you think I don't know. And I'll bet you:
          I do.
      • Dec 4 2012: @Curious AboutLife:
        There is this website, http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/ that focuses on all kinds of controversial topics, BUT as long as they are supported by scientific data. So, they are big on references to scientific material.
        Now, many people ask questions on evolution. And many Americans don't believe in it. (Yes, it is largely an American and a Middle East Asian phenomenon.) Therefore, this website has many questions about evolution. The top-rated ones are here: http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/evolution?sort=votes&pagesize=15
        In particular, I recommend:

        If you prefer to watch videos, I can help you with that too.
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          Dec 4 2012: Thank you. It's not that I don't believe in evolution. I do. I just think that there was a starting point, a specific starting point, that was even before the big bang. I just think that everything happened for a reason, a purpose. But I will look at those links when I get the chance :)

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