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What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?

There are a lot social issues, but which ones are the most un-talked about and important?


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  • Dec 3 2012: My former post on this topic should be viewed below as it is directly vindified by something I ran onto today. Quite satifsfy when (in the midst of my reading of Tocquville) I happened to find that a greatly more intelligent individual (and Harvard prof.) agreed with me.

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      Dec 4 2012: Great article and exactly. It is interesting to me that Harvey Mansfield started out as democrat and had an epiphany. Most do not have the epiphany.

      . But you state a Harvard professor as though that makes them an authority on this stuff which is the irony as they are more indoctrinated but not educated. E.G. Elizabeth Warren was a Harvard professor.
      • Dec 4 2012: I actually meant that it was interesting that a Harvard prof. agrees with a political operative for the GOP. haha
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          Dec 4 2012: For sure an irony, so how do we create more epiphanies like the one Professor Mansfield had ?
    • Dec 5 2012: Welfare and dependency etc are on both sides of the coin. Both the Republicans and Democrats tilt the table to favor "their base" If you looked at per capita dollars received from versus per capita dollars sent to Washington guess what - Republican/red states are at the top of the list and Democrat/blue states are at the bottom. Is this not "crony" capitalism. You talk about voter knowledge but to my mind money will always trump any kind of advances in voter knowledge you can muster. Our representative government in it's current form is inherently corrupted by money and lobbying by special interests.

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