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What are some big social issues that need to be discussed, but aren't?

There are a lot social issues, but which ones are the most un-talked about and important?


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    Nov 30 2012: As far as the government is concerned:
    -The failed war on drugs
    -The failure of Republican financial policies (I.E/ The bush tax cuts, trickle down economics, deregulation)
    -The prison population
    -The absolute lack of rehabilitation of prisoners
    -Tax loopholes and tax havens used by the wealthy
    -Subsidies to companies and industries that dont need it.

    Don't remember the last time a politician talked about any of these issues..
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      Dec 1 2012: I remember the last time I heard a poltician talk about #2 on your list. It is printed and broadcast regularly by the current administration as the explanation for the chronic, worsening fiscal turmoil which began 4 years ago.
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        Dec 2 2012: The "fiscal tumoil", as you so eloquently refer to it, began 41 years ago with the end of the gold standard under Nixon and achieved further momentum 31 years ago under the reign of a B-movie actor and hollywood informant to the FBI by vilifying and ending social programs,changing tax codes, and increasing military budgets, increasing federal taxes to the highest levels in US history, creating the "trickle down" economics format which moved the poor and least among us farther from any ability to overcome their situation and ending his presidency with a 2.85 Trillion Dollar national debt…..

        sound familiar….
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          Dec 2 2012: Everything is connected eventually. If the Board of a corporation hires a new CEO to restore the company after firing the current one for gross mismangement they have a right to expect something better four years later than, "It's not my fault. My predecessor made such a mess I need four more years to fix it." No improvement after four years should require at least an explanation. I do not hold the current administration totally to blame for the way things are. Do you hold them blameless? Thank you.
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          Dec 3 2012: @Mr. Long
          Good point. But this the same problem that I had with what Romney was saying. You are talking about running a business. We are talking about running a country. A country is bigger, no? So shouldn't it take more time?
          Just a thought...

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