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Palestine as a non-member observer state?

Palestine has now become a non-member observer state. Is this action enacted by the U.N. good, bad, or neutral and who is it good or bad for in the world?

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    Nov 30 2012: .
    Theoretically its good and we know this because Israel and the US aren't happy about it.
    Ofcourse theres no doubt Israel and the US will oppose actual statehood of Palestine infavor of 'Negotiations with Israel' (I.E/ We're going to take all your land piece by piece, so don't resist).

    With the way the UN is worked, Palestine won't be able to become a state as all it takes is for one superpower to veto the discussion even being brought up.
    • Nov 30 2012: If it wasn't for the fact that so many Palestinians have to die in this show case of stupidity......

      It would make for a great comedy !!!
  • Dec 4 2012: If North Korea can be a full member then why should Palestine being a non-member observer raise any eyebrows? I hope Taiwan is next, and that brings us to the real issue: the vast hypocrisy and double standards of the UN.
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    Dec 4 2012: This action is a good one, it's good for the whole planet. Palestinians have been recognized by the UN has human beings living on a territory, that's a first step.
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    Dec 1 2012: At least the small first step has been taken .....that's it.....long way to go forward to establish peace
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    Nov 30 2012: UN created this whole mess 68 years ago. A lot of innocents died, weapon makers got rich, capitalism bathed in Palestinian blood... and finally UN realised its mistake. I hope they find a peaceful resolution now and we stop reading about 11 months old terrorists dying... :((
  • Nov 30 2012: Long over dew

    But as Israel has always pointed out, they are not going to change their illegal land grab nor act on "Peace" in anyway other then the one they dictate.

    And I am sorry to say CANADA voted along with USA on opposing this motion....even those ...because this is a U.N. motion it will have all the strength of a wet paper bag anyway and nothing move.
    • Nov 30 2012: I understand it takes a security council vote to have any legal value, but the fact is it changes how the Middle Eastern debate points are formulated. Now all countries that may see Israel as a threat have a valid reason for establishing a support line to the areas worst impacted. This move could cause tension between a lot of countries.
      • Nov 30 2012: True but it also allows Palestine (and others) to call Israel's crimes "war crimes" and bring them to court. No it will not contain or change Israelis behaviour

        instead it will justify continued action such as this to-day ..

        BUT the bottom line is it doesn't negate the fact that their destiny resides in that their actual population count is decreasing...whereas the Palestinian population is increasing. Their's is a Cruel God after all!!