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Why Petraeus's Affair Matters (but Bill Clinton's Didn't)

In the case of CIA Director Petraeus's extra material affair much attention has been directed to honor and ethics. However Bill Clinton who had many affairs and was impeached for purjury and settled a lawsuit to Paua Jones for $850,000 there was no mention of honor, ethic, morality. He lost his right to parctice law in Arkansas and cannot appear as a lawyer in front of the supreme court as a result. Hillary is not clean either as she was linked to Whitewater, Castle Grande, and the book "It Takes a Village" which she claimed to have written, but if fact was written by others which she did not acknowledge. The Clintons have been labled as congenital liars and there seems to be evidence that they have strayed from the truth often.

This all come to light again as the twentith anniversary of the 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers is this month and she was on TV. They also stated that there has been more than twenty documented affairs by Bill in both the Arkansas governors mansion and the white house. Is honor only limited to Generals and not Presidents.

So the question is why is Perraeus condemed and Clinton not. Why in the face of so many proven lies and infidelities do the people still love Bill Clinton.


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  • Dec 1 2012: That's the point - President Clintion was impeached. Then we had 9/11 Maybe Patraeus's problem is not so important. Most of the World is laughing at us when we go Puritan. Let he who is perfect cast the first stone. Maybe we should state this in a positive way - Okay positive to some of us. - Clinton and Patraeus proven to be heterosexuals. Just go off and be your happy/gay/Puritan selves you Porker conservative!
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      Dec 1 2012: George, Just so that I understand your reply .... you are saying that if more people were unfaithful to their wives and we all had no moral, ethic, or honor then 911 would not have occured and the world would respect the obviously hetrosexual United states.

      Happy/gay/puritan porker conservative .... George was that ment to be an insult? Work on it George ... that does not reflect the heterosexual image of a lust nation you desire. Sounds a little feminine. However your disrespect for women is showing.


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