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How do you make the realization that you are not your body with out something dramatic happening or slowing seeing it break down?

This would be a very helpful realization I believe, that would help you discover who you really are and help deal with physical ailments and conditions. It seems to happen often for people who are forced to realize this and for those who live a healthy life and have to watch there bodies deteriorate it seems to be a painful realization.

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  • Dec 6 2012: Hi Shane.
    In my experience, no one can "make realization" happen.
    But I'm really speaking for myself.
    It is something that does or doesn't happen.
    So too, does the realization of it.

    This is true for me and that is how I meditate.
    Meditation isn't something I "do". Rather it is something that happens to me
    or for me, and being aware of it, I simply find myself in it.

    Sometimes it can help by using what is known as "self-talk" such as telling yourself you are not your body until
    you find yourself really paying attention to the words, and then examining their meaning in a way you had never done or had never been able to do.

    People who pray, but are not used to praying, can find themselves doing this. They sort of pray with resistance, rambling quickly through the prayer and suddenly realize, "hey, that wasn't really praying," so they slow it back down and become more focused on the words, their meaning and so on, and suddenly find themselves in a different place, perhaps mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even physically.
    Then, they notice the change that occurred and how it occurred and what they did, and they can remember to try it again.

    Thus, you may find it or something like it, like a doorway through which you may more easily and readily pass, without so much effort (as time and practice pass)

    Remember that not only are you not your body, but you are not your mind.
    Now what are you?

    I seem to have spent most of my life in the body of a leaf.
    Even though I can see, I have been blind it appears, all my life.
    I've lived by my intuition all my life, but haven't trusted it when I did it intentionally. Strange. I understand why today.
    I have no idea what any of it means. It has just been pretty mean.

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