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How do you make the realization that you are not your body with out something dramatic happening or slowing seeing it break down?

This would be a very helpful realization I believe, that would help you discover who you really are and help deal with physical ailments and conditions. It seems to happen often for people who are forced to realize this and for those who live a healthy life and have to watch there bodies deteriorate it seems to be a painful realization.

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    Dec 4 2012: In my mind I am my body.
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      Dec 4 2012: Hi Greg,
      I am confused by your statement, and I'm curious....If, in your mind you are your body, what part does your mind, or other parts of "you" play in the "I am"?

      I notice on your profile, that you are an "Activist, Artist, Atheist, Athlete, Change Agent".
      Is it only your body that you feel when participating in these activities? Apparently not because your "mind" is working to recognize the body?
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        Dec 12 2012: Colleen, I thought he was saying that we eventually realize that we're more than just physical material, that we're also "spiritual." I tend to downplay the spiritual thing, thinking everything we do is "just physical," "just chemicals." No, I have a brain as well as a body, but my brain is just a mass of physical substances like my body, chemicals and tissue, etc.
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          Dec 13 2012: Hi Greg,
          Thanks for the reply. I tend to "downplay the spiritual thing" as well, because it appears that often, the word spiritual is connected to religion, which I do not agree with.

          I agree with what you say about the body/brain being a mass of physical substances, chemicals, tissue, etc.

          I also believe that the substances, chemicals, tissues that make up the body and brain are "fueled" by energy. It is scientifically proven that energy runs through the body. I believe that the body is a "carrier" for the energy which is our conscious, subconscious, imagination, instinct, intuition, etc.:>)

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