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How do you make the realization that you are not your body with out something dramatic happening or slowing seeing it break down?

This would be a very helpful realization I believe, that would help you discover who you really are and help deal with physical ailments and conditions. It seems to happen often for people who are forced to realize this and for those who live a healthy life and have to watch there bodies deteriorate it seems to be a painful realization.

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  • Dec 3 2012: Hi Shane, and everyone who has commented...excellent question indeed! I asked myself how I would approach this if I had not been through my accident. Even though this was my experience, it is not necessary to go through trauma to come to the realization that we have a body, but we are more than our bodies. What is important is to go into the process of enquiry, ie to sit, close your eyes and drop into yourself, asking the question, Who am I if I let go of my beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions? These things come and go but what remains? Then ask the question, Who am I? and see what appears.
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      Dec 3 2012: Dear Janine,
      Your experience, and how you move through it, is very inspiring....I'm glad you stayed in the earth school because your demeanor, joy, humor in the face of challenge will no doubt influence many people.Your spirit is indeed unstopable:>)

      When I regained consciousness from the near fatal head injury, and was told I would never function "normally" again, I thought.....what the heck does THAT mean for me the rest of my life? I also asked the question....why me? And it did not take long to move to...why NOT me? I also perceive life as an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole.

      As I was moving through the challenge, I often read books and listened to stories like yours, from people who faced UNBELEIVABLE, life threatening challenges. This gave me courage to face my own silly challenges...near fatal head/brain injury...a few cracked ribs...cancer at the same time.....that's nothing compared to what some people face!

      I was diagnosed with cancer the month before the head injury, and was supposed to have surgery. We had to wait to see if the body was going to live before schedueling the cancer surgery! Five months later, they figured the body was good enough to face another challenge, so we did the cancer surgery:>) I had also ended 24 years of marriage 3 months prior to the head injury, emergency craniotomy, and cancer diagnosis.

      Many times, I asked the question...who the heck am I....what am I? The experience of looking at the body in ICU while I was unconscious, on life support systems, simply added to the question and confusion....who the hell am I? What's going on here? While the body hovered between life and death clinically, I was watching it from another place. When the energy that powers the body came back into it, the condition of the body stabalized, and I believed on several levels that I was going to be ok...I didn't know what ok meant!

      We are not ever alone....thanks for your insightful talk:
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          Dec 3 2012: Thanks Mark,
          I did not "skip over" anything at all...thanks for the reminder though:>)

          You may notice in my first comment on this thread I wrote...
          "I was in a child-like state emotionally/physically and started over again:>)"

          I'm not attached to my beliefs at all Mark....I've "started over" several times in my life adventure, and I've expressed that very clearly on several TED sites.

          You might want to let go of your belief that you can discredit and/or educate me?
          I "take it" as harrassment at this point...you are only discrediting yourself.
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          Dec 3 2012: Mark,
          I would like to remind you of a very insightful comment you made on another thread recently.

          "Mark Meijer
          3 days ago: Why should we ever presume to know what's best for someone else. Moreover, why should we ever presume that the best thing for them is that we lie to them. And finally, why do we believe ourselves when we tell ourselves that the reason for lieing is to benefit someone else, rather than to benefit our own unacknowledged agendas. There is honesty towards other people, and there is honesty towards yourself, which is called integrity. And to my mind, the latter is the important kind of honesty. If we take care of that one, the former will take care of itself."
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          Dec 3 2012: Yes, you probably DID see "that coming", because on some level, you are very perceptive.

          I'm glad you are "getting over" yourself....as you say, and learning more about how to recognize your own "stuff".

          Thank you very much, if indeed you are putting an end to the harrassment. The things you say are not true...that is what makes your comments simply harrassment. YOU might take a look at why YOU need to do that.

          I did NOT say you have discredited me. I wrote, clearly...
          "You might want to let go of your belief that you can discredit and/or educate me?......you are only discrediting yourself."

          I do not perceive you being "ruthlessly honest" with yourself. I observe you trying to "fix" everyone else with your lecturing. WALK YOUR TALK...."BE" what you talk about!

          If you really think/feel that I have NOT explored myself with the life/death challenges I have faced, you are only deceiving yourself. When someone is sharing what is in his/her heart, and you have a need to lecture and correct them (which I've observed many times here in TED discussions) that is about YOU, and no one else.

          I KNOW that whatever you say has no bearing on the calls I make about myself....I've been trying to tell you that your harrassment is YOURS....it is not mine.
          Best to you as well Mark.
      • Dec 14 2012: Thank you Colleen for sharing your story with everyone and your insights also. I do believe we all need to share our stories, for it is only in that context can we have true understanding of our own lives and the collective human condition. :))
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          Dec 14 2012: Thanks for your reply Janine. I wholeheartedly agree that sharing our stories connects us, and hopefully reminds us that we are all together....not alone. I appreciate you very much.....thanks:>)
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      Dec 4 2012: Janine,
      I have a question....
      I forwarded your video to a friend, who was just as amazed and inspired as I am with your story. He asked me when your accident happened....he was interested in knowing how far out (years?) you are from the accident and surgeries. Now I am curious too, and cannot find that info here in your bio, or on your web site. Do you want to share that information? Thanks
      • Dec 14 2012: Hi Colleen, my accident was in 1986, I was training for the 1988 Olympics. My surgeries are ongoing...my body is always in need of a grease and oil change! Of course, there is more to my story than the accident, but I only had 18 minutes. There is a movie on my life, named after my first book, Never Tell Me Never. :))
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          Dec 14 2012: Thanks again for replying. I LOVE your reference to a "grease and oil change"! I compared my body to my Ford Ranger on this thread...being a "vehicle" which carries me through the earth life experience, which was not well received by one person who apparently got his knickers in a knot about it! LOL :>)

          I will get your book and movie....can't wait to read and hear more of your story! One thing I noticed right away with your presentation, is your sense of humor, and that is one thing that helps sustain me with life challenges. I feel that it is helpful to sometimes "surrender" to the reality of the situation, and simply know that the best thing I can do at the moment is simply "BE" to the best of my ability.

          This is a quote that I had posted around my house, and read hundreds of times, which brought me back to the reality of the situation, what I could, or could NOT do in the moment....
          "Out of its abysses, unpredictable life emerges, with a never-ending procession of miracles, crises, healing, and growth. When I realize this once again, I see the absurdity of my belief that I can understand, predict and control life. All I can really do is go along for the ride, with as much consciousness and love as I can muster in the moment".
          (Molly Young Brown)

          While some folks may think/feel that "life" is over with life threatening challenges, with an open heart and mind, as you have, we may discover that another kind of "life" is beginning.

          Thanks Janine....love to you:>)

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