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Live Q&A today at 3:30 Eastern: How is the developing brain of a child like the emerging global brain of the Internet?

"The Internet, like the developing brain of a child, is in a rapid phase of growth and change. This means that just as we must be mindful in how we nurture our children's minds, we must also pay careful attention to how we develop our global brain."

In conjunction with her TED Book, author and Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain has put together an excellent short film explaining her fascinating ideas about how brain development in kids parallels the development of the Internet.

You can watch the 10 minute film here: http://youtu.be/zLp-edwiGUU

And then read the book:

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A30S24S
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/brain-power/id576233926?ls=1

And here's an article in the Harvard Business Review about the project:

Author Tiffany Shlain ( http://www.ted.com/profiles/91428 ) will be joining us here for a one-hour Q&A Tuesday, December 4th, from 3:30-4:30pm. Mark your calendars!


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    Aja B. 20+

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    Dec 4 2012: On the main topic of the book/film…. what would be your ideal future for this developing "mind" of the internet? Would it have any characteristics that it doesn't currently have? Do any existing networks achieve the sorts of deep, meaningful thoughts and connections that you'd like to see?
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      Dec 4 2012: It's been proven throughout history that innovation occurs when you get the most people from dif. perspectives thinking about a problem. Matt Ridley outlined this beautifully in his book "The Rational Optimist" where he talked about how innovation usually happened in cities where there were the møst folks from dif. backgrounds very close together. The ideal future of the developing internet is when everyone who wants to be online is online, and we have collaborative tools to bring people together from all dif. parts of the world to solve problems. We are just at the beginning of what i feel people will look back as the "Age of Collaboration." That's the "thinking" part of the future i would love...i also believe we are being awash in oxytocin ("love/collaboration/sharing hormone" in the brain) with all these links, clicks, posts, text....i think empathy will only increase as we get more connected...
      • Dec 4 2012: we 'just' need better tools to improve the quality of the connections. A 'like' or '+' button is just not enough.

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