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How do you deal with bad/inadequate leadership?

Most people have encountered bad or inadequate leadership in their lives.

I have many different roles where I lead and am lead everyday, sometimes the decisions that are made by those "above" me are really poor, and reasoning with these people is often out of the question...

I'm looking for your story and how you solved it, or didn't.

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  • Dec 15 2012: this is the foremost question that is asked by the citizens of the most of the countries, and most of them include the democratic countries. this is because democracy which we are following, has the main motive of dividing and rule. the government, in order to save itself , uses every methods(even massive corruption) and bribing the officials to stay in power. they dont bother about people. the real democratic system(adopted by the greeks) involved a body which had individuals which represented all the society of people. there was not the concept of political parties. and the officials were elected by the mutual consent of the people of the nation. the officials were concerned about their country as whole and were not concerned about there political region (like today's democracy). also countries like china , which most of the people called as a one party and a country with dictatorial communist party, HAS ONE OF THE BEST GOVERNANCE SYSTEM CURRENT present in the world. so we have to change our minds from western democracy, which causes polarisation in the society and in genral stagnation of the countries progress, to the greek democracy(which existed earlier in greece), which consist of the people which are capable of the post and are truly committed for their country only. and also think about the one of major capitalist countries. do they follow their constitution completely, no as for money, they can do anything . as the recent history shows

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