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How do you deal with bad/inadequate leadership?

Most people have encountered bad or inadequate leadership in their lives.

I have many different roles where I lead and am lead everyday, sometimes the decisions that are made by those "above" me are really poor, and reasoning with these people is often out of the question...

I'm looking for your story and how you solved it, or didn't.

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    Dec 8 2012: I'd say, no matter how significant or insignificant we are in an organization, we can impact the highest-level decisions by providing information to the key people. Information affects decisions. In the organization where I work, information that I provide to my superiors is often communicated with little or no changes to the customers and upper management. Once an idea is planted in someone's head, a person may soon internalize it to the point of considering the idea his or her own.

    What does not help is getting frustrated, annoyed and resentful. Rants rarely have any effect.

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