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How do you deal with bad/inadequate leadership?

Most people have encountered bad or inadequate leadership in their lives.

I have many different roles where I lead and am lead everyday, sometimes the decisions that are made by those "above" me are really poor, and reasoning with these people is often out of the question...

I'm looking for your story and how you solved it, or didn't.

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    Dec 2 2012: Hi Jimmy, A number of things. First if you are self employed then a fight with the boss is somewhat more serious. As a rule I would advise that if there is a dispute then it is advisable to see why the rift exists. If you are upset because they did not adapt your decision then you need to do some serious soul searching. If you just do not like it again search why.

    For those of us who have had the leadership role we know that not all decisions are popular. We also have the knowledge that the decisions have come down based on events or circumstances that have a impact to the operations or company policy ... not the least is profits. These reasons are not usually discussed with line staff.

    As employees we have to work within certain areas .... we are not always privy to the reasons.

    If you have a problem with the decision .. go to your supervisor and discuss the issue .. tell s/he that you want to be part of the team but do not understand where this decision is going and how can I best be a part of the effort. Most leaders are looking for support and will accept this. However if you dig your feet in then you are a problem ... nothing good will come from this type of action.

    Remember just because you think that decisions are bad/inadequate does not make it so.

    Remain flexable.

    On the other hand .... some decisions are just plain stupid. That is not your problem .. that is their bosses problem. Hang in there (or not).

    All the best. Bob.

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