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How do you deal with bad/inadequate leadership?

Most people have encountered bad or inadequate leadership in their lives.

I have many different roles where I lead and am lead everyday, sometimes the decisions that are made by those "above" me are really poor, and reasoning with these people is often out of the question...

I'm looking for your story and how you solved it, or didn't.

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    Nov 30 2012: This is a difficult one. It is important to be loyal to our leader; but it is only wise to follow paths worth following. So that one would not be like the fellow doomed by the leadership of the blind.
    As Fritzie has wisely suggested, one should be try to reason with the leader. A good leader is not neccessarily a 'know it all'. He or she is a kind that will seek wise counsel and would listen to it.

    There are times when it requires a bold stand against incompetence. I have visited some countries in Africa where leaders have not given a good account of themselves. In such places I have often advised younger people to prepare for change and to do the best with the little they've got; because when there is a will there is a way.
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      Nov 30 2012: We should just be loyal to positive leaders. Negative / toxic leadership loyalty would only encourage and reinforce their behaviors.
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      Nov 30 2012: I can't ever remember being loyal to a leader. But then again, I do not see leadership as a horizontal phenomena.
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        Dec 1 2012: Loyalty is a tough one, to who, when, why, how far? Perhaps a separate question?
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          Dec 8 2012: Jimmy, If you as a owner/manager hire me to perform a specific job for a defined amount of pay. It is my opinion that I signed a contract to perform those duties and not to be loyal to any specific person.

          To me it is a matter of integrity. I gave my word to you. You kept your word in paying me and I will keep my word in providing the service I promised. If the leader is a problem that is your issue as a owner/manager. As a owner/manager I am sure that you will isolate the problem and make ammends. To work against the "bad" leader does not ever serve anyone well. Personally I will continue to do the job I was hired to do. That will serve me well.

          However at the end of the contract I may elect to move on. But in departing we have been honest and maintained a professional relationship. That will also reflect well. The added benefit is that my honesty and integrity is in tact.
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      Dec 1 2012: Loyalty got to be earned before it will be granted. And it stays fragile in its very nature. It does not come within a 'benefit package' of a leadership tag.

      People tend to forget this!

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