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How do you deal with bad/inadequate leadership?

Most people have encountered bad or inadequate leadership in their lives.

I have many different roles where I lead and am lead everyday, sometimes the decisions that are made by those "above" me are really poor, and reasoning with these people is often out of the question...

I'm looking for your story and how you solved it, or didn't.

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    Nov 30 2012: Twice I was supervised by toxic leaders in my career. By toxic leader, I mean a toxic person in a leadership position.

    I fought constantly with the first one. It was a rather difficult path.
    I left my job with the second one for an excellent new job. After our whole team left within four months, the Partners realized something was wrong. Six months after, they fired the toxic leader.

    If you cannot escalated above the toxic leader, I would recommend to change job. Trying to change the behavior of a toxic leader is not worth it (cost / benefits ratio).

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