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I think TEDsters are way too generous with rating talks!

I think we are way to generous with our ratings. I rate every talk I watch and I rate them very critically. Not because I think I can do a better job but in my opinion some talks are delivered more effectively, some have a more interesting message, some are more emotional.

I think it is our job to rate them. They are all awesome people and speakers but without being critical we will never have GREAT speakers or know the difference between an video which is interesting and one that is making waves around the world.

The rating system is there for everyone's benefit and I think the speakers can handle the constructive criticism. I think we get scared to rate them critically because we are in a domain of thinkers and afraid to say something that will have push back as I'm sure this comment will.

The only opinions and the only ratings that matter are the ones that face an oppositions and cause people to stand up, think and act.


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    Nov 29 2012: Shane ,
    I find at least one novel idea/thought/opinion in most of the talks. I rate them based on the ideas and thoughts presented. The only exception is talks based on art/music.
    Every TEDster may relate to each talk differently...and the ratings reflect that.
    I try not to pay much importance to the delivery of the talk ..most of them are not professional speakers/their first language is not English.

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