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Should the use of social neworks be banned at work?

Do you think that the use of social networks such as Facebook be banned at work?
I personally think that there is no harm using social networks at work as long as they are used in a responsible manner.


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    Dec 4 2012: Yes. I pay you for eight hours of work. You spend two hours a day on some site you have stole from me in terms of both time and money. Unless your job description call for the use of internet then it should not be available. I worked in the military, government, and state sites and there was classified info available and a cell phone was almost always restricted except for upper management. In manufacturing environment tools and machinery need attention to prevent accidents and distractions should be eliminated. The web was not available except to upper management in this case also.

    There is a reason that they are called social networks .... conduct your social life on your time.

    Some companies require you to devulge your sites as a condition of employment and they look at the comments sent and recieved and use that as a part of the interview.

    If for some reason you made comments about your company/job/employeer that was found to be "out of bounds" do you think that they should be able to fire you based on that? You are on their computer, their time, and you SHOULD know that they are monitoring your conversations. And yes they should have the right to mionitor what happens on their time and equipment.

    Even when allowed there is always someone who is smarter than everyone else and screws it up for the rest of us.

    So ... no they should not be allowed.

    Thanks. Bob.

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