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Should the use of social neworks be banned at work?

Do you think that the use of social networks such as Facebook be banned at work?
I personally think that there is no harm using social networks at work as long as they are used in a responsible manner.


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    Nov 29 2012: Social Networks go way beyond facebook and twitter both in terms of platform and function... I don't think a company should ban them but regulation is necessary to ensure that personal consumption is at a reasonable level...

    Besides, companies are increasingly reliant on these networks for branding, marketing, and engaging their consumers... recent studies have shown that having the presence of employees in the social media can help your business (providing they use it responsibly) hence the emergence of Social Media training for staff...

    As a recruiter, Social Networks are part of my job: as a recruitment, research and marketing tool... in fact, not being on it or knowing how to master the use of it is a big personal no-no.

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