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Should school exams be abolished?

Recently I feel like many children have been feeling more and more stressed due to examinations. I also feel that examinations are encouraging children to be taught in a specific way, rather than to be taught to think about the method they use to solve an issue. Examinations focus on certain skills rather than the application of those skills, restricting creativity and lateral thinking. I believe that examinations are doing our society more harm than good.

However it also seems to me that exams also have their benefits, for example, to assess a child's skills and progress, and to prepare children for the pressure of universities, and future life.

Yet it appears to me that there must be some other way to do this, rather than causing a child such trauma about examinations, on top of the hormones, social problems and worries about the future.


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    Nov 30 2012: i don't think that tests should end, but their purpose should be changed. As a life-long learner, I appreciate tests to show me how well I understand the subject and to point out areas that I should investigate more. If a test were to be used to judge me, as they are used today in schools, I would hate them as much as I did when I was a child. Anything can be a weapon or a tool. Our schools use tests as weapons.

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