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Why do people refuse to let their religious systems and rituals evolve over time like all others systems, ideologies and thinking do?

I see all of these religions preach the same ideologies about good and evil, and they all claim to be peaceful and love is the core of their faith system. Yet the rituals, hate concepts, fear mongering and prejudice that defies common logic and sensibilities prevail in everyone of them. Most of them have violent histories, wars, killing and hate. And the developed people of today hold on to these age old concepts and reasons for hate and refuse to allow their respective faith systems to evolve like all the other things about life they so willingly change.

Please share your thoughts? Why don’t we allow our religious systems and rituals to shift as well and develop/evolve to suit the modern man and thinking?


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      Dec 4 2012: Mike, the sweeping statement is becasue that is how I have seen the majority do and the exceptions like yourself is sadly not common. Thanks for sharing your process and thinking. It is indeed inspirational.
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      Dec 5 2012: I think Mike's story is common Maaher, similar to stories of others, including my own, although I don't label myself anything except a human, exploring the life experience.

      I was born into a catholic family, attended catholic school for 12 years, and was in the choir singing the latin songs, Mike, while you served as an alter boy!

      I agree that most religions were formed with good intention...love one another...do unto others...etc. It seems, however, that most religions changed those very basic, wonderful concepts with dogma that is not useful in our world. It seems that many religions became more interested in money and control of people.

      I agree that some practices evolved...as you say...the use of latin, not eating meat on fridays, etc. I also have seen an attempt by SOME religious leaders to connect with each other...all of which is good for the whole, in my perception.

      There are still, however, fundamentalists/extremists/religious enthusiasts, who prefer to seperate themselves from others, and continue to control with unreasonable force...unreasonable, in my perception, is killing and violation of other's human rights.

      While I agree that the church has "adopted music and celebration that emphasizes love", I do not observe all people in the church, living what they preach. If an organization emphasizes love, it would be benificial to all of humankind, if they actually walked their talk. I believe some people practicing religions are moving toward love and acceptance of each other, and that is not the message projected on a regular basis from many church leaders and members.

      Perhaps it is this group Maaher refers to? I believe one CAN grow and evolve within the practice of a religion, and many times, it feels like some religions discourage that, because they would rather control people. As you insightfully say..."if the teachings found in religious texts were actually practiced instead of preached, the world might be a more peaceful place to be."

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