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Is college really the end all be all if you are in a creative field?

My friends and I always ask ourselves, Is college really worth the price, time and effort if you are in a creative field?

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    Nov 29 2012: Education is like a vaccination against pride. I went to film school for a degree programme; before then I had an exagerrated impression of my talent as an actor and as a writer; but after a few years with fellow creatives I became aware of so much that I didn't know, I realised that talent is not scarce in the world and there are other things that contributes greatly to success, and developed good relationships with other creatives.

    Also, some 'raw' talents need skills and discipline to function at their optimum.
    The school system may not be the path for some people; but it is benefitial for some.
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    Nov 29 2012: No experiience is the end all and be all. What college can do that enhances creativity is force you out of your comfort zone in a variety of areas of learning in a way that few people have the will and talent to pursue as effectively on their own. You have an opportunity to do this in interaction with people who are expert and thoughtful in these fields and to do it in interaction with other creative people.

    Creativity most often flourishes in crossroads where people with quite different ideas and experiences connect.

    Some colleges are a better value for the money than others and many offer excellent financial aid packages as well.
  • Dec 11 2012: Creativity can be enhanced by higher education but is by no means restricted to higher education. Most of my creativity occurred post college and had nothing to do with my field of study. What I discovered at an early age was an insatiable desire to learn new ideas; when I left college my jobs paid the bills but my creativity was supported by the requirement of "living" in reality.
  • Dec 5 2012: Education isn't necessarily the end all be all if you're in a creative field. It definitely doesn't hurt though. For example, in my case, I am a writer and just general storyteller. However, a lot of the opportunities that I had taken a part in were things that I never would have been able to find had I not gone to college. For example, I would not have gained contacts within the gaming press and found jobs if I had not worked for my college newspaper. I would not have found one of the people who I am working on game development with had I not taken a creative writing class. I never would have found the courage to at least start submitting fiction around if I had not taken the previously mention creative writing class. If it wasn't for going to grad school, I wouldn't have found a part time job in which I'm doing web management and stats analysis - which oddly enough has nothing to do with what my actual field of study is. There are other examples on my end but still.

    The big thing to think about is the fact of whether or not you're using college correctly. If you use it solely for classes and research, then yeah. You're likely not going to be making a lot of connections or opening a lot of opportunities for yourself. You'll also likely be fairly miserable. Be social and get involved while minding your classes and college will be a rewarding experience for you.
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    Nov 30 2012: Your question seems to have 6/7th of its answer already in it.

    The college you are at is neither inspirational nor creatively challenging for you and your friends, because if it was you would not have this price issue popping up .

    I have no knowledge in photojournalism yet if a college degree was no job requirement and would not become anytime soon, what would make you waste your time and money?

    Spot down professional photojournalists of different ages and ask them what they would advise you and what college meant to them. This may gives you a better view on the 'reality' of this profession than any college and most TEDster could give you.

    However your decision might be: Good luck!