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How do you get inspired, stay motivated, and become passionate in what you do as a TEDster? What is your passion how did you discover it?

I am interested in the experiences and stories of others to give me a perspective on how people become passionate about something or how they get inspired to do great things. Their journey of how they became passionate and inspired.


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    Dec 23 2012: Hello Jon,
    I am happy that I find people like you who post such precious questions. Regardless of my age ( i am only 17) I am in the middle of a chaos which I am trying to get myself out of. I have big dreams about my desire on energy but my friends keep on mocking and ridiculing me. I think the main motivation to stay ambitious is being told "you can't do this" or "you will never be as successful as they are, just be realistic". All young people today (unfortunately) destroy their desires and goals under the name of being "Realistic". I think being and staying passionate is related to how much confidence, optimism,and faith you have. I have also posted an idea on TED which I will be really thankful if you take a look at.
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      Dec 24 2012: I will take a look at it if you can link it here that would be great.

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