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How do you get inspired, stay motivated, and become passionate in what you do as a TEDster? What is your passion how did you discover it?

I am interested in the experiences and stories of others to give me a perspective on how people become passionate about something or how they get inspired to do great things. Their journey of how they became passionate and inspired.


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    Dec 7 2012: I think what you’ re seeking for is not a secret to a successful career like that of Steve Job, hmmm the secret my dear Jon, is there’s no secret! What this men and women do is just that, they found what they demm love to do and the devoted their life’s to achieving that and gave you the privilege of paying for it: simple. If you can find something interesting that you like to do, DO it , start by just doing stuff that interest you, just like you flirt yah, like dating, applying the same principles of dating to all your ideas or concept, hang in there till you find love for it or fall in love with it (when you fall in love, you ‘ll know!!) and when you do; do it passionately and when that happens, nothing would hidden your ability to revive any downtime and seasonal storms of life; except if you decide to walk away from it.

    You would always make a comeback because your dreams/visions are capable of waking you up from the slumbers of the night doomed on you. People who can’t make easy come back can use some motivation for recovery.

    I tell my clients to always search within themselves inspiration, inspiration is more of a spiritual connection, connecting you with your inner self and drawing out your Creative Energy from your “godself,” in order to create stuff with it; e.g. Apple computers or poetry, as the case maybe; When you allow your inner creative energy to radiate your path to a fountain of creative force or energy, its always an amazing discovery to die for…

    The ability to keep creating something ordinary or extraordinary comes from your devotion/passion to your inner inspirations and love to whatever it is that you do.

    The difference between motivation and inspiration is that: motivation has external desires or reward (e.g. You go to school because you want social capital), while inspiration is a radical sync-sync, a spiritual innovation or your creative self in harmony with your wellbeing.
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      Dec 12 2012: Your post is awe inspiring for the fact that you so eloquently explain that there is no secret to the doing amazing things but for the fact that.... it is all about DOING!!! I am learning not only through other tedsters but my own daily walk in life is that "Doing" is the first step to actually uncovering your passion or finding what inspires you. I am not sure if everyone would agree but self talk is almost the most powerful tool that you can use when say myself is feeling no so great or inspired to do something. Telling myself over and over again that you need to accomplish this and you must do it because this is your goal is essential to succeeding at whatever I or whom ever is reading this sets there mind to accomplishing something. I am a person of words that likes to find meaning in words that are not used as frequently as they should be and here they are
      Inspire - Something that gets you started and become driven in search fulfillment.
      Passion - The driving force that motivates you to pursue the goal.
      Devotion - To keep one focused and not waiver from your pursuit of your passion.

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