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How do you get inspired, stay motivated, and become passionate in what you do as a TEDster? What is your passion how did you discover it?

I am interested in the experiences and stories of others to give me a perspective on how people become passionate about something or how they get inspired to do great things. Their journey of how they became passionate and inspired.


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    Dec 3 2012: Make plans, but have little or no expectations. It is difficult, but it might be small plans that ripple into big plans.

    From my experience, nothing goes as planned, so don't try to expect too much, but always try.

    Example, making plans with friends to do one thing, like watch movies, then we do something else when we meet up, like hiking.

    I don't think passion and being inspired is constant. I picture it more like a roller coaster. You will feel passionate and inspired and later on not, then you enter a loop of that or a roller coaster.

    I found that having a strong support group or family/friends helps.

    Keep exploring and keep trying new, safe things in life. Good Luck!
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      Dec 4 2012: I like the metaphor of the roller coaster for inspiration and passion.

      I get caught up in all the TED Videos and see how passionate the TED community is and feel about what they are doing for either themselves or others.

      I agree that many of the times that you make plans that they never go according to plan.

      I am finding that some people may not have a support group or family/friends that may not be interested in one such passion what would you suggest to those people in finding such a support group?
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        Dec 4 2012: If your immediate family or friends aren't the support group you seek, then seek elsewhere my friend.

        I personally understand how you feel because I've been or am still in a similar situation. We all have to not give up and keep searching for people who love and accept us that only wants us to improve.

        There is an anime that I liked called One Piece that is very uplifting to watch. It has a strong message that there is people who care about you out in the world, but you just have to keep living and looking for them, though never place too much expectations because people come and go.
      • Dec 11 2012: Support of family and friends has permitted me unlimited time for creativity; without that support structure, I'd have to struggle to survive day to day. Being passionate is easy; being focused on producing useful results is tough!
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          Dec 12 2012: I agree that the support of a family and friends are very crucial with what you inspire to do whatever it is. I also agree that producing results is tough as well. It can be extremely time consuming and having patience is key to having your passion become a reality or your job.

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