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How do you get inspired, stay motivated, and become passionate in what you do as a TEDster? What is your passion how did you discover it?

I am interested in the experiences and stories of others to give me a perspective on how people become passionate about something or how they get inspired to do great things. Their journey of how they became passionate and inspired.


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    Nov 29 2012: Here is a youtube that may be useful for you in this regard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TAqSBMZDY8

    It is forty minutes of Sir Kenneth Robinson talking about his book, "The Element." I have not heard the video but I have read the book. He goes through the cases of a variety of passionately commited and effective people- people you have heard of.

    Another resource for you is our TED talk of Steven Jobs talking at the Stanford graduation.
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      Nov 29 2012: I watched that video of Steven Jobs and it amazes me how he can be so successful and have everything be taken away. He really over came when he lost everything. He is inspirational and his story is amazing on how to overcome adversity. Thanks for the video I will reply again when I have time to watch the youtube video and give you my thoughts. Much appreciated.

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