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How do you get inspired, stay motivated, and become passionate in what you do as a TEDster? What is your passion how did you discover it?

I am interested in the experiences and stories of others to give me a perspective on how people become passionate about something or how they get inspired to do great things. Their journey of how they became passionate and inspired.

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    Dec 3 2012: Make plans, but have little or no expectations. It is difficult, but it might be small plans that ripple into big plans.

    From my experience, nothing goes as planned, so don't try to expect too much, but always try.

    Example, making plans with friends to do one thing, like watch movies, then we do something else when we meet up, like hiking.

    I don't think passion and being inspired is constant. I picture it more like a roller coaster. You will feel passionate and inspired and later on not, then you enter a loop of that or a roller coaster.

    I found that having a strong support group or family/friends helps.

    Keep exploring and keep trying new, safe things in life. Good Luck!
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      Dec 4 2012: I like the metaphor of the roller coaster for inspiration and passion.

      I get caught up in all the TED Videos and see how passionate the TED community is and feel about what they are doing for either themselves or others.

      I agree that many of the times that you make plans that they never go according to plan.

      I am finding that some people may not have a support group or family/friends that may not be interested in one such passion what would you suggest to those people in finding such a support group?
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        Dec 4 2012: If your immediate family or friends aren't the support group you seek, then seek elsewhere my friend.

        I personally understand how you feel because I've been or am still in a similar situation. We all have to not give up and keep searching for people who love and accept us that only wants us to improve.

        There is an anime that I liked called One Piece that is very uplifting to watch. It has a strong message that there is people who care about you out in the world, but you just have to keep living and looking for them, though never place too much expectations because people come and go.
      • Dec 11 2012: Support of family and friends has permitted me unlimited time for creativity; without that support structure, I'd have to struggle to survive day to day. Being passionate is easy; being focused on producing useful results is tough!
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          Dec 12 2012: I agree that the support of a family and friends are very crucial with what you inspire to do whatever it is. I also agree that producing results is tough as well. It can be extremely time consuming and having patience is key to having your passion become a reality or your job.
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    Nov 29 2012: Here is a youtube that may be useful for you in this regard:

    It is forty minutes of Sir Kenneth Robinson talking about his book, "The Element." I have not heard the video but I have read the book. He goes through the cases of a variety of passionately commited and effective people- people you have heard of.

    Another resource for you is our TED talk of Steven Jobs talking at the Stanford graduation.
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      Nov 29 2012: I watched that video of Steven Jobs and it amazes me how he can be so successful and have everything be taken away. He really over came when he lost everything. He is inspirational and his story is amazing on how to overcome adversity. Thanks for the video I will reply again when I have time to watch the youtube video and give you my thoughts. Much appreciated.
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    Dec 23 2012: Hello Jon,
    I am happy that I find people like you who post such precious questions. Regardless of my age ( i am only 17) I am in the middle of a chaos which I am trying to get myself out of. I have big dreams about my desire on energy but my friends keep on mocking and ridiculing me. I think the main motivation to stay ambitious is being told "you can't do this" or "you will never be as successful as they are, just be realistic". All young people today (unfortunately) destroy their desires and goals under the name of being "Realistic". I think being and staying passionate is related to how much confidence, optimism,and faith you have. I have also posted an idea on TED which I will be really thankful if you take a look at.
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      Dec 24 2012: I will take a look at it if you can link it here that would be great.
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    Dec 7 2012: How far are you prepared to pursue your dreams Jon? What are you prepared to sacrifice ? Sometimes on various search engines there are 'Top ten' type articles about people who seem to embody something that seems desirable. For example many people find the lives of the Hollywood movie stars fascinating, they seem wealthy and happy and successful then you read a biography or autobiography and it turns out things in their personal lives were not so rosy. Personally I was inspired by a teacher who taught me social and economic history when I was about 14 years old. I am not sure what it was about her but I formed a personal philosophy from what she taught me about social dynamics. I will always owe her a massive debt. She taught me to look twice before judging. Sometimes it takes a loss before you realise what your passion is. One way of visualising is to pretend you are writing a book. You start with a contents page, write your chapters then think about a title. If you don't like using words you can use pictures or take photos or draw. What makes your heart beat just a little faster (in a good way).
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      Dec 12 2012: I agree with you whole heartily that there is going to be some sacrifice and am I willing to take that sacrifice is surely the question. When I get to that road I drop you a line and tell you if it was worth it. But as for now I am looking more for what is my passion and as I am coming across more and more TED videos I am seeing that discovering a passion maybe a fun journey. I think that I am going to take Matt Cutts advise in the video that I linked you. Mainly to take one step and not giant leaps. We tend to forget that it is the tiny steps that amount to great things and not the end product but how we obtained it in the first place. Going to try something for 30 days will be fun and interesting. I hope in my journey of the upcoming year that I will discover something that I am passionate about and may one day be up at the TED conference talking about my journey of discovering ones passion.
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        Dec 13 2012: Jon, in yr photo u look like a guy who loves life. Fun is definately a good way to explore one's passions. Here are some positive affirmations that might give you a framework, think of them as a type of job description. 'sense of beauty, love of life, simplicity, intelligence, grounded, ambitious, tenacious, loyal, energetic, warm hearted and lucky. I have found positive affirmations tend to help focus on constructive results but you do need to be aware of your mind trying to trick your whole self. Listen to the information from your heart and your stomach as well. Your skin is one of the biggest sensory organs of all and conveys a wealth of information about your own well being if you know how to read it. Totally agree with the journey metaphor - re the thirty day trial of a way of being thing have you read about the guy who decided to say yes to everything for 30 days (available on the internet somewhere but not sure which search engine to refer you to). Want to wish you many hours of fun on your voyage of discovery.
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    Dec 7 2012: I think what you’ re seeking for is not a secret to a successful career like that of Steve Job, hmmm the secret my dear Jon, is there’s no secret! What this men and women do is just that, they found what they demm love to do and the devoted their life’s to achieving that and gave you the privilege of paying for it: simple. If you can find something interesting that you like to do, DO it , start by just doing stuff that interest you, just like you flirt yah, like dating, applying the same principles of dating to all your ideas or concept, hang in there till you find love for it or fall in love with it (when you fall in love, you ‘ll know!!) and when you do; do it passionately and when that happens, nothing would hidden your ability to revive any downtime and seasonal storms of life; except if you decide to walk away from it.

    You would always make a comeback because your dreams/visions are capable of waking you up from the slumbers of the night doomed on you. People who can’t make easy come back can use some motivation for recovery.

    I tell my clients to always search within themselves inspiration, inspiration is more of a spiritual connection, connecting you with your inner self and drawing out your Creative Energy from your “godself,” in order to create stuff with it; e.g. Apple computers or poetry, as the case maybe; When you allow your inner creative energy to radiate your path to a fountain of creative force or energy, its always an amazing discovery to die for…

    The ability to keep creating something ordinary or extraordinary comes from your devotion/passion to your inner inspirations and love to whatever it is that you do.

    The difference between motivation and inspiration is that: motivation has external desires or reward (e.g. You go to school because you want social capital), while inspiration is a radical sync-sync, a spiritual innovation or your creative self in harmony with your wellbeing.
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      Dec 12 2012: Your post is awe inspiring for the fact that you so eloquently explain that there is no secret to the doing amazing things but for the fact that.... it is all about DOING!!! I am learning not only through other tedsters but my own daily walk in life is that "Doing" is the first step to actually uncovering your passion or finding what inspires you. I am not sure if everyone would agree but self talk is almost the most powerful tool that you can use when say myself is feeling no so great or inspired to do something. Telling myself over and over again that you need to accomplish this and you must do it because this is your goal is essential to succeeding at whatever I or whom ever is reading this sets there mind to accomplishing something. I am a person of words that likes to find meaning in words that are not used as frequently as they should be and here they are
      Inspire - Something that gets you started and become driven in search fulfillment.
      Passion - The driving force that motivates you to pursue the goal.
      Devotion - To keep one focused and not waiver from your pursuit of your passion.
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    Dec 7 2012: Jon... thanks for the post ,keep doing what you love and what you need would come your way .
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      Dec 12 2012: I have seen this talk and it is a very inspirational talk but what inspires you Steven and what is your passion?
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    Nov 29 2012: Do what you love; see your expected end from where you are (a vision of you as an epitome of success); surround yourself with success-minded people in your field.
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      Nov 30 2012: Have you accomplished this you sound like your speaking of experience will you tell your story?
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    Gail .

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    Nov 29 2012: How do you define, "great things"?
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      Nov 29 2012: I personally don't want to define "great things" in this thread because I want to TED users to tell me their stories without confining what is "great and what is not great." I want the TED users to be open about what their passions are and the how they discovered their passions.