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Jeff Hancock's "Butler" role can actually be more damaging because of the frequency of lies.

I think that quantity beats out quality when it comes to lies because we don't believe lies that stretch to farm from the truth.

Do you think it is more damaging to lie frequently or more damaging if the lie is less frequent but further from the truth?

Quantity vs. Quality

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    Dec 6 2012: So as a potential liar,I think many are very successful and they will acquire for themselves and those around them much wealth or whatever they want to have. There is not much to persuade a liar to not hone his craft.As for the quality,size of the lie,I think its effect is what one should consider...the outcome is the wealth of the lie.really.Yet other then group dissent,suffering,death,genocide,social restructuring,misery,insanity,ect...the price of lying is that the world,universe has operative principals that organize our experience of reality. These we know as fundamental laws of physics...when you insert your lie...You essential become a cancer cell hacking into the legitimate membrane that sustains you(and everyone else) so now your false byte is operative in a system that is only effective when information bytes are valid. Invalid enteries ,are phony,and therefore eventually deteriorate all systems that work . False work(lies) are never desirable for legitimate constructs...but you can insert them if trojan horses are your way to rome.
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    Nov 29 2012: It is better to speak the truth than to lie or to misrepresent facts.
    There is no good future for a liar.