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Online High Schools

Do you think that students get as much out of online high schools than in the actual classroom?
Is online education a necessary evil of education spending cuts?
Are there certain instances where online schools might be necessary or preferable? Give an example.
Michael in the video has been homeschooled prior to enrolling in online classes, do you think that this is a better way for him to get material than from homeschooling?
His mom also says that he is disciplined and can do it himself. Are all students capable of this?
Does a state have the right to require students to take online classes like the bill in Idaho would have done?
What is your opinion on using online classes for “make-up” classes that students have previously failed? Does it seem like a good way to help students stay on track or an easy out?


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    Nov 30 2012: Bill Gates referred to 'Khan Academy' as future of education.

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