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TEDxWomen week. Question: What is one thing we should Rethink about women in society?


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    Nov 29 2012: Hi Dave,
    The first thing that comes to mind for me, is to change the idea that women are weak. If the idea of women being equal was internationally accepted, then girls/women would have equal opportunities for education, respect, resources, finances, and our voices would be heard. I believe it is happening slowly, and with mindful awareness, we will achieve that goal:>)
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    Nov 28 2012: Respect: for self, each other, men, Earth, conflict-internal and external, resources-needed and used, our voice-collectively and individually, opportunities, wildlife + pets, climate changing forces, support-financial as well as emotional, and finally respecting our place in our communities and how we can shape them for generations to come.
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    Dec 5 2012: One thing that really bothers me about women in our society is our innate need to protect ourselves. It's certain situations, such as walking from your driveway to your apartment door or walking home at night where we get a pang of fear. It's the moments where we clench our keys in our hands a little tighter or walk to our cars a little faster that is not okay. This fear was not only built into women because of the way society as a whole acts towards woman, but also due to the way women have been told to react to these situations. Yeah it's nice to get a good self-defense class in or to carry pepper spray, but the root of these problem lie on the men who feel like it's okay to whistle, howl, cat call, etc. By bringing up children that are taught how to respect women (and any form of life really), this problem is essentially non-existent.
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      Dec 5 2012: Icant agree more! You bring forth an excellent issue.
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    Nov 30 2012: Media objectification of woman is a disregarded problem
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    Nov 29 2012: Access to education for girls is, I think, the biggest "women's" issue internationally.
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    Dec 5 2012: Treat them as equals in every aspect! Especially with their rights, freedom, skill sets and potential. It is fundamentally wrong to think of them as a weaker sex and appoint ourselves (men) as the ones who can bring about the change for them (women). There is no them and us. We are all equals in every possible way.
  • Dec 3 2012: ...Woman must support and respect the growth of other woman, treating equally and empathically...must teach the child to pay due respect to a woman...

    ...to have her own place instead of comparing with counterparts...
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      Dec 3 2012: Hello Manish,
      I like the ideas you present, and you speak about what women must do....I'm curious...

      Dave identifies himself as a male, and asks..."What is one thing we should Rethink about women in society?".
      He asks...what can WE rethink...

      Do you think/feel that men have a role or opportunity with this challenge?