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Debate: Are humans better than other forms of life?

Many people think that something called respect applies to all forms of life; on the other hands humans are essentially above other animals is the sense of intelligence and culture. Because of our mental superiority it is ethical for animals to be farmed and mistreated, animals treated by the standards human would receive as punishment for murder and other horrendous acts.

Are Humans really superior to other forms of life?


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  • Dec 6 2012: I guess we have no absolute basis that Humans are superior to other forms of life.

    Humans just have different kind of abilities from other's. Animals are well adapted to the nature itself innately, for instance, they have more greater physical abilities such as excellent sight and muscular strength than Humans. By comparison, Humans are born without specific physical capabilities, so to speak, which protect own body from environmental hazards.

    Instead, Humans have superior brain and create tools with mental superiority to protect themselves. Let us suppose that both Humans and animals would be neglected in a state of nature without any manipulation. I guess we would come to realize that Humans are more fragile than other forms of life literally and figuratively.

    However, I am afraid that Humans have never thought so. Unfortunately, animals are mistreated and abused by Humans and their coarse selfishness. I think we should not overlook the point that all Humans are also parts of Mother Nature, that is Humans are not more than Nature and Cosmos. Eventually, symbiosis is possible when both Humans and other forms of life go together, and that is the best we can hope for.

    Thank you for this chance to think about. Is there any motive that makes you have this question, if you do not mind my asking:)?
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      Dec 6 2012: If I think about it it this question is based on the human races assumption that we are superior, because that is after all how we act, we dominate the earth define its inhabitants and destroy all that get in our way. This is just something that I feel like all should be aware of.

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