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Debate: Are humans better than other forms of life?

Many people think that something called respect applies to all forms of life; on the other hands humans are essentially above other animals is the sense of intelligence and culture. Because of our mental superiority it is ethical for animals to be farmed and mistreated, animals treated by the standards human would receive as punishment for murder and other horrendous acts.

Are Humans really superior to other forms of life?


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    Dec 4 2012: Not sure it matters. Every creature strives for quality of life, wants good things to eat, to be warm, etc. That is what we are doing when we farm animals, burn wood for fire, etc.

    I often think many things would never have gotten to live at all if it weren't for us. For example, there wouldn't be nearly as many cows on Earth as there are because of us.
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      Dec 4 2012: I would think that us messing up the ecosystem and basically toturing other animals is alot different from the natural way of life.
      How can the cow and other animals strive for quality of life when they are farmed, plus, have you seen how animals are farmed?

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