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Debate: Video games are the drug of the century

Video games are constantly progressing towards characteristics similar to drugs. If we look at a huge point brought up in the speech mentioning how ancient "lydia" (i think) used video games to cause the people to ignore or forget about the necessities to life such as hunger. This effect is very similar to the effects of many drugs like acid which are used to dull sense of reality and enter an external world to forget the problems in reality. This is one of the many things that video games have in common within drugs.

So the debate is are video games being used for beneficial reasons like teaching values of never giving up on a mission and knowing the possibility of accomplishing important objectives. Or are video games like World of Warcraft offering an alternate world for a person to escape to and allows the creation of an avatar that reflects the person they wish to be and the existence in a world different from reality?

Please if you are arguing one side think of arguments that oppose your own point of view and offer them as well only because i would like to hear both sides and it will allow for a much better debate and allow for you to articulate your argument in more depth.

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  • Dec 10 2012: If you can't change the kid, change the game. Here's a scenario that might work. Build a first person shooter game whose advancement and achievement requires not a body count but rather a count of hostages saved. Now, I'm just a silly old man cackling over his computer and watching western civilization tear itself apart just as it did in the dying days of fuedalism when mankind was able to change from the landlord/peasant economy to a money economy. Design games in which the reason for the conflict is part of the gaming format. By the time these kids grow up they will have an understanding of their tool which far surpasses any in our own time.

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