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Debate: Video games are the drug of the century

Video games are constantly progressing towards characteristics similar to drugs. If we look at a huge point brought up in the speech mentioning how ancient "lydia" (i think) used video games to cause the people to ignore or forget about the necessities to life such as hunger. This effect is very similar to the effects of many drugs like acid which are used to dull sense of reality and enter an external world to forget the problems in reality. This is one of the many things that video games have in common within drugs.

So the debate is are video games being used for beneficial reasons like teaching values of never giving up on a mission and knowing the possibility of accomplishing important objectives. Or are video games like World of Warcraft offering an alternate world for a person to escape to and allows the creation of an avatar that reflects the person they wish to be and the existence in a world different from reality?

Please if you are arguing one side think of arguments that oppose your own point of view and offer them as well only because i would like to hear both sides and it will allow for a much better debate and allow for you to articulate your argument in more depth.

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    Nov 28 2012: "This effect is very similar to the effects of many drugs like acid which are used to dull sense of reality and enter an external world to forget the problems in reality. This is one of the many things that video games have in common within drugs."

    acid does not dull your sense of reality nor cause you enter an external world. at least what i think you are meaning by external world. acid can make you fixate on your problems... but really, it can help you work through them, which is why they used to use it in psych offices before it was deemed illegal...
    take some acid and report back.

    i can see the occasional extreme case of a person taking video games as escapism too far, though. it is uncommon for it to be taken that far but it does happen. i think there's nothing wrong with occasional escapism as long as it doesn't get out of hand and you don't start ignoring real life. if you don't escape once in a while, you lose perspective on the situation. it's all in moderation. i just do not think comparing this kind of thing to a drug like LSD is very accurate.
    • Nov 28 2012: I see your point of view but as a person who played video games excessively and have also encountered drugs i personally see the similarities of video games and drugs to be numerous. I am not saying you are entering "an external world" I know i said that but that was a poor choice of words. According to http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/drugs/why-do-people-take-drugs.html people use drugs to experiment, fit in, escape, relieve boredom, to rebel, and to seem grown up. I would say that this is why majority of people play video games: to escape, fit in, relieve boredom. Personally i agree with the benefits of video games but realistically how many people are playing video games to build those characteristics. People arent intentionally using them for their benefits they are using them to enter an alternate world that allows them to create an "avatar". If we look at modern games like halo where it allows for the creation of a person to reflect you within the game and also allows for you to enter alternate worlds and make decisions in that world. People have the potential to benefit from video games just like beneficial painkillers after surgery but there is nothing restricting people from abusing the use of video games and the abuse of video games just like the abuse of painkillers has drastic consequences.
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        Nov 30 2012: considering the source you linked to me, i have absolutely no reply to you. it says enough by itself.
      • Dec 9 2012: I believe that you are incorrect. Halo allows for a character customization for online purposes only and the only decisions you make in that game is who you are going to "kill". the game is based of a story and you are essentially "playing" the story. But if you want to look at RPG's (which I believe you should have mentioned) then yes you have to make decisions but its very different. RPG games such as Skyrim or World of Warcraft are video games that want you involved in the game. A game is nothing without a story and creators want people to become more involved in the game which is why it is an RPG. Also, in my opinion video games nothing like drugs. drugs and video games may have you "hooked" but the side effects are completely different. Unless your going to go 3 days without eating or sleeping video games are much more safer than drugs. And i'm pretty sure if you and your friends grab a bunch of guns and start playing real life modern warfare opposed to the video game version then there is a problem. Video games allow the imagination of killing something without actually killing it. In a way it relieves stress. Weather it be from playing a racing game to an RPG game to a FPS game. It is much safer than the real thing.

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