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Since we are able to put certain genes in the human genome, then is there any way of crossing any genes between a plant and an animal?

I can understand the many different negative outcomes of this process, and i also know that this idea has probably been proposed. But, if there was one thing in the world that I think can solve problems in humans, I think that plant cells mixed with animal cells could help the most. Like sunburn for one, the aloe plant contains it's own aloe, which is used on burns and irritated skin. Instead of directly applying the aloe straight to the skin, why not take the remedy in the aloe plants genome and mix it into our skin cells. Now leaving our skin able to heal quicker from burns.

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    Nov 28 2012: gene transfer is easy. but the result might not be what we want. a gene in a plant cell might manufacture some enzyme, which might in turn produce some substance. in a human cell, it might simply kill the cell, or it might manufacture the enzyme, but not the desired substance, or it might produce nothing at all.

    biosynthesis works in so called "pathways". it is like an assembly line just chemical. some genes produce enzymes, enzymes enable or disable other genes, change other molecules, suppress or activate other enzymes, and so on. the effect is cascaded, so the newly enabled genes then produce other enzymes and so on infinitely. in addition to that, these pathways can cross each other and separate again. one enzyme or other molecule can alter, allow or block many pathways at the same time.

    so if you put a gene in a human cell, there is a chance that it will never produce the protein it supposed to, or even if it does, that enzyme might not find the other enzymes or genes to act on. the entire pathway might be missing.

    we have like zero knowledge to predict the effect. we need to test it to see if it works.
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    Nov 28 2012: We share a huge amount of genes with a banana so, is you thing of our bodies genes as a some kind of computer issuing commands with cell genes; then transfer of plant genes to humans could be possible, the only problem is testing and when and how the genes should be placed, and how the actual gene would change the human and what not. Testing on humans is illegal so unlike things like chickens, genetic experimentation is probubly illegal for humans
  • Nov 28 2012: I thought this had been done,but talk to someone who knows really knows abou biology.
  • Nov 28 2012: "Since we are able to put certain genes in the human genome, then is there any way of crossing any genes between a plant and an animal?"

    Yes, in fact we already do share some genes with plants, partly because those genes were already present in the single-celled common ancestors of plants and humans, partly because of parallel evolution.