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We can develop the world through images.

In his talk, Jonathan Klein spoke about images leading to people to act and react. I think that in rural third world countries images could lead to knowledge and development.

I am a first year economics student in Berlin, and in our marketing class we learned that images are always received and processed faster then text. I lived in Kenya for 11 years and I realized that images could literally make people change; in western countries they show images of starving poverty stricken African children and this leads to people donating... but what about showing images to people in Africa about knowledge, or about how to conserve and be environmentally friendly? Or how to build things, how to survive?

I myself am not a photographer but this idea has struck me and I just can't stop thinking about it. With diseases such as AIDS in rural areas, people still aren't well informed. I think that images could solve that faster than long talks with big words that some people don't even understand. I am not just talking about Africa; I think in general images could change the way people live.


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    Dec 8 2012: Images have a lot greater emotional power than words. It may take pages to describe emotional state and minutes to read it, but it takes a split second to perceive it from an image of a face. During the history, people killed each other by hundreds of thousands. There are written descriptions of unspeakable atrocities dating back millenia. Yet, it's in the XX century when mass murders have largely stopped in civilized world. It may be because of the image technology which showed to the world what holocaust looks like.

    This is a wonderful idea.

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