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We can develop the world through images.

In his talk, Jonathan Klein spoke about images leading to people to act and react. I think that in rural third world countries images could lead to knowledge and development.

I am a first year economics student in Berlin, and in our marketing class we learned that images are always received and processed faster then text. I lived in Kenya for 11 years and I realized that images could literally make people change; in western countries they show images of starving poverty stricken African children and this leads to people donating... but what about showing images to people in Africa about knowledge, or about how to conserve and be environmentally friendly? Or how to build things, how to survive?

I myself am not a photographer but this idea has struck me and I just can't stop thinking about it. With diseases such as AIDS in rural areas, people still aren't well informed. I think that images could solve that faster than long talks with big words that some people don't even understand. I am not just talking about Africa; I think in general images could change the way people live.


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  • Nov 28 2012: Thank you for all the great feedback, and the video by Ernesto Sirolli just inspired me more i mean i think that these images is not saying anything its not patronizing its sparking ideas into people's minds, because everybody see's different things in an image everybody interprets things differently, i just want these ideas to come out. i totally feel the same about Aid it just has to end i mean these terrible images that are sent to the western world have to stop. people in third world countries have to finally be inspired to move and change things because too many people are unhappy but they are so brainwashed into thinking that they cant do or achieve anything that's why we have corrupt leaders filling their pockets because they are leading a country that's filled with low esteemed people filled with people who have no hope, of change who only see aid and know that their leaders are stealing from them but are not doing anything about it..all the things that are happening in these countries are happening because the people are allowing it and i get it they have been inflicted with fear and i said most of them are all just so demoralized that they see no point little do they know that there is hope if they all got together and finally started working towards achieving their ideas Africa has potential its just not using it because it is filled with great ideas that are to demoralized to shine out, that's why i think that images or visualization could encourage the youth in particular to overcome this fear to inspire and to interpret and to React in the manner they want and then to inquire for the help they need and to say exactly what they want and how they plan to achieve this. Thats how development will come out, sparking people's senses its no words no commands just look, interpret and let your mind work.

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