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Woah, we have started a trend.
Thanks to TED we can share our ideas and point of view in such an inspiring setting.
We all talk about what troubles us and how we can implement change, we ask the big questions of how we came to be, and utilize each other's knowledge and opinion to open our minds to the infinite possibilities of our reality.

If we keep this up, more and more people will get involved and create many other channels just like this one to talk about what matters and come up with proactive solutions.

We are putting our current technology to good use, its about time.
This is setting a good trend for future generations.


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    Apr 11 2011: I hope the ideas give birth to action. :)
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    Mar 28 2011: Yeah I'm pretty happy about this site! :D I'm not sure how popular it is or anything, and I just joined it liiiike a few hours ago but it's so neat to have a place like this exist on the web where people from all over the world can come and interact with each other to discuss profound things. It's inspiring just to think about =]