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The genesis of conspiracy theories..

So I started reading about conspiracy theories a few days back, and to be honest, they are fascinating. It's like almost every big story has to have another side to it. Maybe its just human tendency to create a second story and make things convoluted.

One conspiracy theory that really stupefied me was the discovery/'invention' of HIV/AIDS. Some people believe that the CIA agents actually created the virus to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans. This is still one of the most debated topics, like JFK's death and the Moon landing.

My questions is, do you think these conspiracy theories are actually legitimate or nothing but concocted BS?


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  • Nov 27 2012: John I agree we should be spending billions on basic research, just not focussed as much on physics. For the billions spent on neutrino detectors, if we'd had more research dollars go into earthquake prediction, we might have forecast the Tokyo megaquake. If we'd had ocean bottom accelerometers we might have saved thousands of lives lost in the tsunami.

    If we'd spent billions on new energy technologies other than hot fusion, we would have energy independence today. This is a perfectly predictable consequence of the biggest pork project science has ever seen. When you look at the way hot fusion scientists have corrupted the scientific method even to the extent of falsifying graphs just to discredit cold fusion, you would have little doubt that hot fusion scientists engaged in a conspiracy to shut down cold fusion research in this country. They were so concerned that cold fusion would compete for funding, they vilified it.

    You would have seen the way hot fusion scientists installed a toady in the patent office just to deny patents to cold fusion scientists (which they had to get oversees in Italy, France, Korea, Japan, etc.). If you'd seen the threatening letter coming out of Washington stating, "If you have so much as one graduate student working on cold fusion you will get no funding.", you would have little doubt a conspiracy existed.

    If you'd seen how cold fusion scientists have been shut out of the trade journals, ostracized by their peers, had their reputations smeared, been threatened with law suits, etc. you'd believe that there was a conspiracy to shut down cold fusion research in this country.

    Einstein lowered the bar for ethics in science and physicists, especially hot fusion scientists, have easily followed in the footsteps of the maestro. Nice try on all the great accomplishments---it sure looks like the party line.

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