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Using your life obstacles to formulate solutions to your life challenges

If your friend or a loved one asked to help them solve a problem you are more likely to find a solution much faster than if you were to face the same problem yourself. You approach the problem as a challenge with rational thinking sans emotions and draw your wisdom learned from your own life obstacles to formulate a viable solution. Why are solutions to others’ problems clearer to you than your own? I have learned these 3 simple lessons on overcoming life obstacles and moving forward:
1)No Escape: Life will throw you your share of curve balls all the time. But it is in your choice and reaction that you can either get hit by it smack on your face, miss it or lean into it and whack the hell out of it. There is no escape from these curve balls. Every single person, rich or poor, successful or struggling, young or old, regardless of their social status, economic conditions, age, gender or education, will face their share of adversities in life. But how we choose to react to them, tackle them, solve them or dodge them lies absolutely in our choice and reaction.
2)Do not waste your time: Life is too short to waste your time on insensible living. Our life wasted on holding prejudices, hate, egoistic living, sense of self entitlement, vanity, dwelling in self sympathy, narcissism, arrogance, and above all deliberate ignorance of facts and realities soon brings you to a time and situation in your life where you feel you have done absolutely nothing worthwhile. Cut the emotions, be rational and work towards a solution. Forgive, discuss a solution, give up hate, be humble, put your arrogance and ego aside.
3)Realize your blessings: a) – The natural ones that you have been blessed with. i.e. your family, siblings, parents, home, good health, support, love, courage, and comfort they offer. b) – the ropes of blessings that you yourself weave for times like these . i.e. your good deeds in life, the friends you choose, your education, your efforts on self improvement and wisdom.


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  • Nov 27 2012: Fully agree, we are in charge as to how we react to life.

    I also think that being on the river of Life means knowing about water, and how to swim, is a given.

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