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Should research be subject to ethical responsibility?

I am writing an essay on the possession of knowledge and how it carries an ethical responsibility.


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  • Nov 27 2012: Gabriella,
    YOU'RE the one who is supposed to write the essay. You should do the hard work of thinking and researching. Asking on TED unethical, on your behalf. Not that I care, but since you're asking about ethical responsibility, it is a bit too ironic.
    • Nov 28 2012: You have a point, and an interesting point. But you seem to be assuming that Gabriella is trying to dodge the hard work.

      IMO, using a TED conversation as a research tool is completely ethical

      To me, the irony is that the wide range of view points might make the work much harder.
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      Nov 28 2012: Talking with people absolutely counts as researching the topic. She's not asking anyone to write the thing for here. You might as well say reading a book on the subject is copying the authors thoughts. Wrong.
      • Nov 28 2012: Trying to figure out where to look, what to read, and actually reading and digesting what one has read is quite effortful. THIS, in contrast, is lazy. Also note the amount of effort Gabriella has invested in framing the question and discussing the topic with commenters here.
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          Nov 29 2012: Yeah, the question does seem to have been posted with minimal effort. Though I wouldn't begrudge someone asking this kind of question here assuming they were still off doing other research themselves. Obviously, if this is it, then yeah it's lazy.

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