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Are we our brother's/sister's keeper?

We have been told to mind our business or know our place, but in a society where we are so interconnected that each action we make has consequence on individuals we know and do not know are we responsible for all. This question does not pertain just to our own country since even now the actions of other countries may have a significant impact on your own country. Is it our civic or spiritual duty to take care of those around us and go further to make sure that our brothers and sisters live life to the fullest of their potential? Why or why not is it our responsibility to look out for or take care of other members of society?


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    Dec 3 2012: ...in the dark, every candle's responsibility is to keep its own flame intact to light and help the other...so as we can help others by self sustaining...being not burden on others...it must not be considered as selfishness...

    ...we help the others by giving them equal opportunity to grow, not only by supporting them to grow...living in now, the present is another way to help others...to resist our fear and insecurity about tomorrow...

    ...to minimize the enjoyment of pride in being better or higher...to make other feel lower...

    ...in all we support by keeping our-self strong and self-controlled...

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