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Are we our brother's/sister's keeper?

We have been told to mind our business or know our place, but in a society where we are so interconnected that each action we make has consequence on individuals we know and do not know are we responsible for all. This question does not pertain just to our own country since even now the actions of other countries may have a significant impact on your own country. Is it our civic or spiritual duty to take care of those around us and go further to make sure that our brothers and sisters live life to the fullest of their potential? Why or why not is it our responsibility to look out for or take care of other members of society?


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    Nov 27 2012: Are you using the terms "brother" and "sister" to include all homo sapiens? Do we each have 7 billion brothers and sisters? Or do you mean those people with whom we have actual contact and/or some specific common interest? If I am to be considered the keeper (the source of the term, the Holy Bible [Genesis 4:9 KJV], has a sense of shepherd, or immediate caretaker) of 7 billion people then the reasonable answer must be "no". However, if you mean the latter definition then the answer is "yes". Another Christian teaching applies here. It says that each of us is obligated to do whatever good we are able to do. To fail to do so is sin. [James 4:17 KJV]. Thank you.

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