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What is your perception of people with gender identity issues (transgendered), and has it changed in the last 5 years?

Where did you get your perception about transgendered people from, and did it change over the last five years? Have you ever met someone with a gender identity issue, or has your opinion been formed by what you have seen in the news and on popular television?

My aim is to get a rough idea of whether people base their opinions on transgendered people through TV and social media, or through actual interactions with transgendered individuals.

I would also like to hear what your thoughts are about people with gender identity issues?


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    Nov 28 2012: I'm a girl and last year I dated a girl who didn't really identifiy as trans but it was pretty obvious she had some sort of issue with her gender identity. She looked like a boy, I think she actually tried really hard to look like one, people would be confused about her gender. I didn't really mind at first. When I started to know her more it was kind of weird because I discovered she not only dressed like a boy but actually acted a lot like a boy... It was hard because she didn't like talking about it, I didn't really care that much about it, I really wanted to help her but she just would not talk about it. Not even to deny it.
    Everything that happened with her really helped me to identify myself as someone who does not identify with any label, ha. I usually just say I'm gay but honestly I think it's much more complex than that, or maybe it's just way too simple to explain it. I think "trans" has become too much of a deal, like maybe if it just wasn't so talked about it just wouldn't really matter that much.

    I remember my ex-gf telling me this story. She went on a trip to visit a school in another providence. Kids there were poor and got really happy when they arrived. So my ex-gf was like playing with them and one kid asked her whether she was a boy or a girl. She just told him that she was female, and the kid didn't really care, they just kept playing. I remember her telling me how good it felt, like this boy saw through her enough as to ignore her gender.

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