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Should term limits be imposed on Congress?

This debate has made for many impassioned, provocative, yet fruitful discussions between myself and others. On the one hand, some call for the imposition of term limits (much like the 2-term limit on presidencies) on Congress in order to ensure the interests of "The People" are valued. These same persons believe that should term limits be imposed, Congress will be more openminded, able to understand the youth of the nation, be more attentive to the problems of today versus those of yesterday, and more technologically advanced, educated, and modernized.

On the other hand, some argue term limits would destroy all sense of stability in the Congress. These same persons claim that Congressmen and women who have served for terms on end are much more aligned with the political system, experienced in writing, debating, and passing legislation, and ultimately hold a better understanding of America and its governmental institutions than their newer and/or younger colleagues. As such, they argue term limit imposition would damage the Congress, "The People's" representation, and ultimately the United States.

Still, others compromise and call for term limits on the House of Representatives, which is meant to be more volatile and more keen to the immediate concerns of the "The People" while leaving the Senate immune to term limit imposition, as it is meant to be more stable and more keen to the longterm concerns of the Union.


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    Nov 28 2012: They started term limits in Calif in the early 90s. It did not change anything. The reason is that the staffers stay on and train the freshman law makers to the same old crap.

    It might be worth a try but if you kept the same support staff of which it would be hard not to I'm skeptical it would make much difference.

    I think the real problem is the culture of the beltway. The only thing that will create real change is an educated constituency that will vote out politicians that stray and putting the Charlie Rangel types in jail. But alas with the dumbed down population we have now that is not likely to happen.
    • Nov 29 2012: I agree. Citizens need to have more political efficacy and there needs to be a larger form of effective grassroots lobbying in America.

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