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What would you have implemented in your high school if you were the leader of the Student Government Organization?

Please be practical. I am looking for ideas to propose to the administration at my school and I have to get them to approve it for it to actually happen. I want to do something that's not only fun, but also meaningful, life-changing, inspiring, etc.


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  • Nov 26 2012: A school TEDx event: there would be days when TED talks can be shown, and after it students would gather in small groups, with muffins tea and coffee, to debate and discuss.
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      Nov 26 2012: I actually think this should be done in all classes already. Shouldn't be an extra, it should be part of the teachers' curriculum.
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      Nov 29 2012: A TEDxYouth event is a great idea.
      You might be able to visit the TED offices in New York City when applying for the license. But the key for making this a wonderful and meaningful event will be to seek out and find speakers that can reach the students in your school with new ideas that can inspire. Involve the hold student body in the seek because inspiring stories are everywhere; a neighbor, a friend of a dad. Develop a theme for the event from a discussion about TED and what"Ideas With Spreading" means. Get teachers on board with using Ted talks that apply to their lessons. Make it the season of TED and not just a single day of presentations.

      Think BIG! Maybe some in this TED community will help you.

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