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What would you have implemented in your high school if you were the leader of the Student Government Organization?

Please be practical. I am looking for ideas to propose to the administration at my school and I have to get them to approve it for it to actually happen. I want to do something that's not only fun, but also meaningful, life-changing, inspiring, etc.


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    Nov 26 2012: Institute a program designed to motivate and encourage young people to find and solve problems. The core idea is to help students see that it is OK to take a risk in the pursuit of advancement. Many students feel disfranchised and do not believe they have the power to make a difference. Provide guidelines for researching, choosing, and implementing very specific areas for improvement. The idea here is to combat the prevailing concept that "You Can Do It" is not really true. Trying is what matters. Learn from "failures" and take the experience on to the next challenge. Never stop trying.

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